We strongly believe that Singapore is a city that has something for everyone.


There are some amazing tourist attractions in Singapore, but we also believe some of the most fascinating things about the island can be found just off the well-beaten track.


That's one of the reasons why we started our Singapore free walking tours.


Of course, if you want a more personal experience, we would be more than happy to customize a tour that is just for you.


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Our Free Walking Tours

Each of our Free Walking Tours will bring you through an area that we love. Walking the streets gives you the best sense of a city. We want to show you the sights, and also places off the tourist path. Each of the tours seeks to tell you a different part of the Singapore story. Your local guides will also suggest their own secret places (especially hawker stores) to go in Singapore. Come for one tour, or come for all of them!


Groups are limited to a maximum of 30 guests per guide, as we believe this creates a more intimate experience, and also a more interactive atmosphere with your guide and with other travelers in the group.


We are always trying to improve on our current tours and adding new itineraries. Click on "More Info" to find out which Free Tours we are running at the moment.

Customized Private Tours

We offer our highly regarded personalized guide services just for you.


You get to see Singapore on your own terms.


You will have your own personal tour guide. You can decide where the tour starts from, where it should finish and how long it lasts. But the major advantage of this option is that the guide can cater specifically for your areas of interest.


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Small Group Tours

- Coming Soon - 

Our curated experiences!


These tours will bring you to places we will not be able to bring you to during our Free Walking Tours. The tours are meant to bring you unique experiences that will be fresh and seasonal. These small group tours will also allow you to explore specific themes that you might be interested in.


Group sizes will be limited to 12 persons per group, so that our guides can provide you with more personalized attention.

Corporate and School Enquiries

We provide group experiences that are imaginative and fun! We offer customized activities that promise to challenge and entertain our participants.


Since 2014, we have been providing tours that are catered to:

  • VIP tours for corporate groups
  • Orientation of new employees to Singapore
  • Team Building Tours and Challenges
  • Premium Lifestyle Packages
  • Learning Journeys.
  • National Education

And we are always looking for new challenges!

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