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Our Free Walking Tours are designed to be perfect introductions to our city, because we believe you can get so much more out of our beautiful city by hanging out with a passionate local.

Experience the best of Singapore, and get an insider’s view of the city, from our history to our culture to our delicious food. We will show you our favourite hang-outs, the tastiest places to eat and drink, and all the hidden gems that only a local can show you.

Tours are free, but tips, good company, and an open-mind are all greatly appreciated

City Adventures

Come join us on these themed small group tours.

On our awesome Food Adventures, we bring you on culinary journeys that spans our delicious hawker food to Michelin-star dining experiences. If you are up for it, come on our signature Ugly Food Tours to really have a taste of what the locals eat.

Singapore is always changing, and we are always finding new ways to experience our city! Be our guinea pig Join our guides as we try new ideas with slightly less conventional Special Tours!

Check back often as we continue to update this list

Forget travel guides and packaged tours. We’ll help you create amazing, personalized experiences in Singapore . We promise you will get to see Singapore on your own terms!

We tailor unique tours according to what you want to see , the time that you have, and to your budget. More importantly, we will have guides that can cater specifically for your areas of interest.

We create special programming for our corporate, schools and incentive clients as well. Drop us an email and let our local experts help you craft a unique, memorable and enriching Singapore experience.

At Indie Singapore, we believe that there is more to our city state of Singapore than what you see on the surface. Some of the most fascinating things about Singapore can be found just off the well-beaten track.

It doesn’t matter if you are transiting in Singapore for a few hours or a local who has been living here your entire life, we invite you to join us in looking beyond the shiny shopping malls and the air conditioned walkways.

That’s one of the reasons why we started our Singapore Free Walking Tours.

We consider ourselves Singaporean specialists; all of our guides live locally and are actively involved in various local communities.

Join us on our various Adventures in the City

or Email Us to create a bespoke experience that is customized just for you!

We strongly believe that Singapore is a city that has something for everyone. We would love for you to see Singapore through our eyes


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Yes! We know! Singapore is a very small island-state, but that did not stop the city planners from trying to give each of our districts their own distinct personality. We love how this create the illusion that we are living in a much bigger land area than we actually are, and how much more there is to explore in each of our precincts.

For Singaporeans, The Eastie vs Westie debate still rages on today!


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