In a word – Yes!

Tips to our guides are welcome (again… they receive no other compensation/commissions), but there will be no pressure to tip. We have faith in the quality of our tours, and we strongly believe that we have something to offer everyone, no matter the budget.

You are a skeptical one, aren’t you? Well, we would really appreciate your help to create an awareness about Indie Singapore.

We are relatively new to the tourism scene in Singapore, and hope that we can expand on the free tours concept (more routes, more timing, more people). So, help us by liking us on our Facebook page, Instagram us, tweet about us, blog about us, or leave an honest review for us on Tripadvisor.

We do try to keep the groups small (less than 30 sign ups per tour), and we have constantly been given positive feedback by our guests. Through their grace, we’ve had the good fortune of being the Top Rated Tour on TripAdvisor in Singapore for the last 4 years

We always say… tip what you think the the tour is worth, tip what is comfortable to you.

Having said that, we would like to point out that similar tours in the city cost about SGD$45 – SGD$100 per person, so if you like the tour, and think that the guide is good, we would recommend at least SGD$20/person. This is one way we can keep our groups small and at the same time make sure that the guide is well compensated for his/her good work.

But… No obligations. Just enjoy the tour!

We do place a limit on the number of sign ups per tour, because groups that are too big are no fun for everyone involved.

Our aim is for our guests to have a more personal and intimate experience with us.

For the Free Tours, we typically open up registration about 4 weeks before the tours.

For engaging our private guide services, we would recommend (if possible) contacting us about 3 weeks before the tour, so that we can do a better job at finding out more about you and customizing the itinerary to your interests.

We recommend:
– Comfortable footwear (we are expected to cover 3 – 5km over the 3.5 hours you are with us)
– Drinking Water (up to 80% humidity expected)
– Sunblock/Umbrella/Poncho  (because we can’t control the weather)

– A wink and a smile – trust us! The tour is a great way to make new friends and meet travel companions. We understand that we’ve hooked up quite a few couchsurfing opportunities too. 

It will be slow/mid paced walks on mostly level grounds. 

The tours run up to four hours long and we will be covering a bit of distance, but we have frequent breaks planned along the routes, and our Guides will try to pace themselves to make sure that everyone can keep up.

So far, we’ve not gotten any complaints of the walk being physically torturous *fingers crossed* and we’ve had a 60+/70 year old guests on the tour (and they finished it too!).

We would say the tours are not running YET. It is something we are working on.

Logistically, a lot of the places we go to will be relatively crowded during the weekends. Trying to talk above the crowd and squeezing through human traffic will affect the quality of our tours. Of course, never say never, we are trying to find ways to work around this. All we can say now is… Watch this Space for updates!

Having said that, we strongly believe that there are TONNES to do in Singapore over the weekends. (Check out our Facebook page), and you might be better off exploring the city yourself.