Special Tours

We are creating and growing our business by being innovative. Our team has always been able to create the best tours, tailor them to the people who want them and fill them quickly.

It’s our rare privilege to be able to curate tours that are created through collaborations with special partners. We have seen these tours taking off and helping fund the arts, empowering communities, and creating unique experiences that inspire you.

Do check out these tours that we are super proud of!

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The Many Lifetimes of 111 Middle Road – National Design Centre Tour

Our partnership with the DesignSingapore Council!

This tour will tell you a lot more about design in Singapore, and we will also explore the colorful history behind the National Design Centre

Drop us an email at ndctours@indiesingapore.com to find out more

New Experience

Whis-Kueh, A Spirited Local Tasting Experience


We will be diving into the rich history and flavors of traditional kueh (or bite-sized desserts) from different culture influences of Singapore.

But the highlight of the tour is definitely the kueh and whisky pairing at the end. As a lovers of both food and spirits, we can attest to the incredible flavors that can be achieved when the two are combined. The complex, smoky notes of the whisky perfectly complement the sweet and delicate flavors of the kueh, creating a truly unique and indulgent experience.

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Harvesting Culture, Planting Seeds


Curated for GoGreenSG 2023! Find out about Singapore’s unique “City in Nature” approach to city planning! Embark on this exclusive tour through the Henderson/Queenstown district, and immerse in urban sustainability at City Sprouts

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Growing Up – A Mural Walk in Chinatown


Singaporean artist, Yip Yew Chong is easily one of the most prolific mural painters in Singapore right now. His art pieces are easily recognizable, and can be found in many of our most recognizable districts.

Join us, as we walk through Chinatown to find some of the secret stories and Easter eggs hidden behind the murals.

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